About Movement Therapy

The Empowering Steps Movement Therapy Program (ESMT) is a 1:1 motor intervention program that focuses on function rather than diagnosis, treating all children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. ESMT promotes physical literacy and self efficacy by providing an emotionally safe and nurturing environment.

The ESMT process focuses on three main components:
• Motor Development
• Emotional State
• Attachment

The motor activities act as a medium allowing the therapist to focus on affecting a change to the child’s emotional state and ability to develop attachment. Therapists are trained to adapt to the child’s needs on a daily basis in order to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress levels while building a trusting relationship. This results in the child becoming more emotionally regulated, trusting, cooperative and physically capable. At this point the therapist encourages social interaction with other ESMT children and therapists attending at the same time. The ultimate goal is to foster developmental growth for each child to reach their potential so they can partake in more acitivities with their peers. Another plausible goal is to fully integrate ESMT children into neurotypical classes or specialized ESMT groups which focus primarily on social development.

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