Getting Started

How Do I Get Started

Each child has an initial assessment which is performed by a minimum of two therapists. The purpose of the assessment is to:

  1. Evaluate gross and fine motor functioning and observe key areas of difficulty such as behavior, communication, cooperativeness, and relationship development.
  2. Identify activities that can act as positive reinforcements to promote participation for each child.
  3. Identify the type of communication that will be most effective for the child.

Once these have been identified, an individualized program is developed for each child. This program outlines their specific behavioral and motor development needs. As determined by the assessment, the child will start on one of our ten stages of Movement Therapy curriculum. We recommend that children attend two 1/2 hour sessions per week for a minimum of twelve months.

To book an assessment, please call into our main office at (604) 526-4464.

About The Sessions

Each child is assigned a therapist who implements the program and monitors the child's success on a daily basis. Depending on the child, we use varying systems of communication in order to effectively carry out the program. For example, we may include visual communication to provide a pictorial representation of the treatment. The children will be given choice over the activity used for positive reinforcement.  A log book for each child is established for daily note taking and an assessment is done semi annualy to monitor progress and revise the child's program as necessary. These reports may be done more frequently dependent on the success of the program. If there are behavioral issues or the child is finding the program too easy, more frequent adjustments will be made.

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