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Empowering Steps offers a variety of therapies that use movement to affect a change in emotional state and develop attachment which results in an improvement in daily quality of life and physical functioning. Empowering Steps runs under the Symington Symbiotic Foundation, whose aim is to provide access to therapeutic services to families of individuals living with all varieties of disabilities and developmental delays. Behavioural Interventionists, Kinesiologists, Speech/Language Therapists, and Music Therapists collaboratively or individually provide evidence-based treatments to these individuals within our facilities. Our therapists are dedicated to continuing education and research to improve understanding and deliver best practiced treatments. Types of services currently offered include:

Empowering Steps Behavioural Intervention

Empowering Steps Movement Therapy

Music Therapy


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun, inclusive environment rich in sensory motor activities to allow neurodiverse children to improve motor ability, foster trust, improve relationships, develop social interaction, and build a sense of community. We aim to provide children and youth with developmental or intellectual disabilities various therapeutic and customized support services to assist them and their families in achieving the highest possible level of community involvement and personal functioning.

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