Empowering steps is dedicated to continuing education and research to improve understanding and deliver best practiced treatments. Current publications on our Empowering Steps program include:

Ongoing research

The data analysis is currently underway on the results from a 2 year longitudinal study of the Empowering Steps program.  This study was conducted by Dr. Jean-Paul Collet and PhD. candidate, Mojgan Gitimoghaddam along with Dr. Anton Miller (Developmental Pediatrician), Dr. William McKillen (UBC Medical Anthropologist), Dr. Rob Wishart (Developmental Pediatrician), Dr. Louise Massé (Faculty of Medicine UBC), and Dr. Annette Majnemer (Director and Associate Dean, School of Physical/Occupational Therapy at McGill Univerisity).

The Empowering Steps team, along with Mojgan are in the midst of data collection for a Scoping Review of Literature on current available therapeutic interventions.

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