Alison Davidson, BSc Kin, RK


Alison is a Supervisor of both our gym and aquatic streams of the ESMT program. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology under the Active Health and Rehabilitation stream and is a Registered Kinesiologist. She originally came to us  through a practicum placement in May of 2010 and is now a full time member of our team. Alison participated in gymnastics as a child and swam competitively for 11 years before becoming a coach at the age of 16. Alison’s favorite part of the job is seeing children enter the gym and pool with big grins lighting their faces and feels that this makes every effort on her part 100% worthwhile.

Garrick Mah BSc. Kin


Garrick is a supervisor for the ESMT program.  He graduated from SFU with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in the Active Health and Rehabilitation stream with certificates in Applied Human Nutrition and Health, and Fitness. Garrick came to our program as a practicum student in June 2013 and began his training at the end of July 2013. He is also one of our aqua therapists. Garrick loves meeting all the great people and children that come into the doors of our gym! 

Krissy Jorgenson BSc


Krissy is a supervisor for the ESMT program. She earned a Bachelors of Science, Major in Biology, from the University of Victoria in 2012.  At a very young age she realized her passion for working with kids with special needs.  She started volunteering in the summer of 2013 after hearing about the ESMT program from a family friend, and became a member of the staff in January 2014.  Krissy is both a supervisor in the gym as well as the pool.  She loves swimming and has been teaching swimming lessons since she was sixteen.

Dave Cordoviz


Dave is currently studying Kinesiology at SFU. He joined the ESMT program in June 2013 as a volunteer and began his training to be a staff member in January 2014. Aside from ESMT, Dave has volunteer experience in Ecuador where he shadowed doctors in public and private hospitals. He also currently cheers for the SFU Cheerleading team which gives him opportunities to practice his gymnastic skills. He greatly enjoys working with the various children of the program and is proud of all the accomplishments they have achieved.

Ella Steczko


Ella graduated with a degree in Biomedical Physiology and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from SFU, and sees her future in medicine in the next few years. She trained as a gymnast for 11 years and has been coaching gymnastics and circus at Club Aviva where she was introduced to Movement Therapy. She became interested in volunteering, and soon after joined the ESMT program in January 2014. Ella’s favourite part of ESMT is watching the kids grow, gain confidence, and seeing their excitement as they come into therapy each week.

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