Mullally Family

November 24, 2015

Our son Fremont is SO delighted with his swimming lessons.  On Monday, he is SO excited for Tuesday.  He also plays basketball (loves it) and soccer (really enjoys that too), but it all seems to pale compared to how excited he is about swimming.  He's always been a pretty compliant kid, but prior to ESMT, swimming was something we'd do with him sporadically and he was never really too happy about going.  Beyond that, Fremont is also crediting Carrie with his exemplary public speaking skills.  On Monday nights, he has been having to do little presentations at the end of class at his catechism (religious school).  He is a great public speaker, which I just assumed came from his father, also an amazing speaker.  We told him he was awesome at it and I guess asked him why he thought he was so good, and he said it was because of his swimming teacher.  I guess she throws out some great jokes that he appreciates and so he kind of works that delivery into his presentations - I don't know ... it was pretty adorable, though.  So please let her know that while she is doing a GREAT job teaching him to swim, apparently she has also inspired him to be a very engaging and funny public speaker.  I thought she should know! :).

Kindest thanks as always,



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