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Empowering Steps Movement Therapy (ESMT) sessions The 1:1 nature of ESMT sessions allows the therapist to approach each child as an individual and tailor their program specifically to meet their functional, social, and emotional needs according to their learning style. This process helps to foster attachment with the therapist, reduce fear and anxiety associated with new or difficult skills and encourage exploration and participation in the ESMT environment. As the child becomes a more willing participant and begins to attempt new skills with increased confidence, the therapist is able to focus more attention on the child’s social interaction with other children in the gym. Encouraging the child to engage with his/her peers during their session facilitates an improvement in social confidence and integration with another individual or group may be considered. The integration process involves learning to participate in a recreational gymnastics class with the support of their therapist, during which social interaction and class etiquette (following directions, staying with the class, turn taking, verbal interaction with peers) are emphasized. 

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