Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

“Music Therapy is a discipline in which credentialed professionals (Music Therapists Accredited - MTAs) use music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development, health, and well-being. Music therapists use music safely and ethically to address human needs within cognitive, communicative, emotional, musical, physical, social and spiritual domains”.

- Canadian Association of Music Therapists, June 2016

How does music therapy support children’s development?

Music is known to be engaging, motivating and helpful for learning. Children’s innate desire to grow, learn and interact with their environment may be made more difficult by certain conditions. However, their ability to connect with music and experience joy and success is not lessened; indeed, music may be THE avenue for a child to communicate, self-regulate, and practice musical and non-musical skills.
Accredited music therapists tap into this knowledge and experience which transcends socio-cultural, developmental and health-disability differences.

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