Research Reports

Overview of ESMT

The ESMT scale is comprised of 10 stages of motor development, each encompassing 20 motor skills. When a child begins the program, they are assessed on their current motor function and placed on a corresponding stage. As their motor skills develop, they are introduced to more complex skills and make their way into the higher stages. Assessments are completed semi-annually and used in a prescriptive manner to ensure that each child is still adequately challenged and working within their zone of proximal development.

ESMT Protocol

The Empowering Steps Movement Therapy (ESMT) program is a child centered holistic motor intervention program that focuses on function rather than diagnosis, treating all children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. The ESMT process focuses on three main components: • Motor Development • Emotional State • Attachment The motor activities act as a medium allowing the therapist to focus on affecting a change to the child’s emotional state and ability to develop attachment.

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