ESMT Staff

Movement Therapy Staff

ESMT therapists most commonly come from a Kinesiology background. Full time staff members have a degree in a health science program such as Biomedical Physiology or Kinesiology. Simon Fraser University sends three students from their BPK 343 class each semester (usually 9/year) to complete a 35 hour practicum with the ESMT program. ESMT also welcomes student volunteers from other institutions and faculties. The ESMT program typically has 4 to 10 practicum students at any one time. Each volunteer first attends a 2 hour orientation on the ESMT program. Following the orientation a weekly schedule is assigned to each student to ensure that they work with the same trained ESMT staff and clients consistently. They are able to assist with children’s sessions and are assessed on three main criteria: 1) their ability to interact and build a relationship with each child; 2) understand the program content for each child as it relates to the ESMT motor scale; 3) their knowledge retention of the ESMT methods. If a practicum student is ranked as a potential candidate for training, they are invited to enter the ESMT therapist training program. This program requires all potential staff members to train under an experienced ESMT supervisor for a minimum of 6 months. Not all trainees become ESMT therapists. Students must meet the ESMT standard of care and gain the confidence of the ESMT clients, colleagues and management. Once the candidate has met these criteria they are assessed as follows: 1)Real time evaluation of sessions with 3 different children they were assigned to throughout the training period; 2) successful completion of the ESMT written exam. In order to become an ESMT Supervisor one must have worked for a minimum of 3 days per week for 2 years as an ESMT therapist.

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